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Custom Glass Shower Doors Designed By You

Custom glass shower doors by Glass Doctor® add more than value to your home. They create the feeling of luxury that enhances your daily life. If you’re interested in enjoying a remodel or you’re looking to increase market value when it’s time to sell, upgrading your shower doors can turn your master bath into a perfectly designed space. 

The specialists at Glass Doctor are available to help you design the perfect glass shower door and enclosure for your unique taste. We provide in-home consultations to design, budget, install and maintain the bathroom of your dreams.

Why Update Your Custom Shower Door Design with Glass Doctor?

Aside from a beautiful aesthetic, our frameless glass shower enclosures offer several benefits to your daily life that can’t be met by plastic shower curtains, removing the potential risks of:

  • Rust, mildew, mold and discoloration in and around your bathtub or shower
  • Hazards caused by broken non-tempered glass doors
  • Additional costs for maintenance
  • Negative value or negative return on your investment 

A custom-designed shower door is a solid investment toward the future value of your home. If you choose to sell, bathroom updates are considered one of the best upgrades to make to your home to increase its value on the market.

In fact, an average bathroom remodel yields a strong return on investment when it comes to reselling your home. This means not only will you love the way your new bathroom looks, but you’ll financially benefit from it when it’s time to move.

Beautify Your Bathroom with Glass Doctor

You can avoid these financial risks and more by choosing to work with the specialists at Glass Doctor. Our tempered glass, with the addition of our Clear Choice™ protectant, makes it easy to clean and maintain your home, which should be your sanctuary. From basic frames to heavy glass enclosures, we create glass shower doors designed especially for you.

If you’re interested in updating your bathroom, feel free to browse through our Shower Idea Center for inspiration, or check out our gallery of custom glass shower doors.

When you’re ready to transform your bathroom, contact your local Glass Doctor specialist to begin your in-home consultation by calling 855-603-1919.



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