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Find Mirrored Top Side Tables

When you’re ready to spruce up your home, consider installing mirrors on your side tables, coffee tables, or end tables. For design and installation, call the experts at Glass Doctor®. Our certified professionals are able to custom-cut mirrored panels and turn bland furniture into sparkling conversation pieces.

Mirror Tops by Glass Doctor for Your Side Tables & Coffee Tables

Cutting custom mirrors to size and shape is just one way our glass experts at Glass Doctor solve home decor needs. 

Installing a Mirror Top Side Table With Glass Doctor

When you add a custom-cut mirror as a topper for a nightstand, end table, or coffee table, call your local Glass Doctor experts. We will measure the surface of the side table, cut the mirror to size, and design the glass according to your preferences.

We will cut you any shaped tabletop with an double bevel edge or adjust the thickness of the glass. Additionally, we’ll help you choose the right adhesive to make sure the glue won’t “de-silver” the back of the mirror. 

Once the top of the table is clean, we may sand or prime as needed. Our specialists are always careful near the edges so the glue doesn’t ooze out when the mirror settles. We will place the mirror on the surface and gently maneuver it so it is perfectly aligned with the edges of the surface.

Side Table Inspiration

Think of some mirror side table inspiration to add to your home. Once you have an idea, call our experts to ensure your furniture receives top-notch care. Here are some ways we can upgrade your glass projects:

  • Use a framed antique mirror as a table top
  • Encase a tall side table with mirrors
  • Mirror the legs of a glass top coffee table
  • Custom cut a curved mirror to sit on a base

Call Glass Doctor Today

Our certified professionals welcome your ideas and creativity. Call us today to mirror a side table or any other custom glass home decor at 855-603-1919. 



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